Kris Vercruysse (1959°, Roeselare) grew up in an artistic family. At the end of the seventies, he studied graphic design at the Higro institute in Ghent, and, in the early eighties, graduated in Applied Arts at the Academy of Ghent. He has been self-employed in the field of visual communication since 1985.

In the mid-1990s, he picks up the brush again, a gift which had not gone unnoticed at an earlier age. Initially, his works are abstract, flamboyant and lyrical. Typically, lower layers of paint are uncovered by shifting paint, removing upper layers, or by applying scratches. The result plays its individual part within the painting or has become the painting itself.

Kris Vercruysse

Kris Vercruysse gradually refines this technique until reaching a minimalism which only features uncovered 'spots' on the canvas… In 2005, having realised that this style has become his signature, he decides to use this 'uncovered' style to create figurative art. The way in which he creates his art is unseen. He can freely choose among a wide variety of subjects, regardless of trends and hypes.

His paintings contain elements from his own environment, though he also draws inspiration from both history and art history. Remarkably, his paintings are mostly parts of a series; for instance, his portraits series, with every individual painting presenting its own fascinating difference/or: being fascinatingly different...