5000 years ago, someone wrote with nails.

Since 2003, someone has been painting with nails …


Kris Vercruysse

Kris Vercruysse (1959 Roeselare - Belgium) grew up in an artist's environment. 

At the end of the 1970s he studied graphic design at the Higro in Ghent and in the early 1980s at the Academy of Ghent (KASK) where he graduated as a laureate from the Department of Applied Arts. 

In the mid-1990s he took up painting again, with which he did not remain unnoticed at a young age. 

Originally, his work is abstract, flamboyant and lyrical. It is characteristic that pasty layers of paint are exposed by paint shifts, removed upper layers and scratches in the paint layers. 

The result of this is given its own role in the painting and has become the painting itself ...

Gradually, Kris Vercruysse goes further and further with this painting method to finally achieve a minimalism in 2003 in which only dots can be seen on the canvas. 

The dots are created by Vercruysse applying nails to a template and placing them under the canvas where the painter is now making his operations. 

Characteristic again are paint shifts and paint removals in his mastery. 

In 2005 he decided to use his found 'dot-style' to bring figuration into his paintings.

His dot paintings are unseen and the ignorant viewer is surprised and commented on: screen printing?

No, this has nothing to do with printing and also with no screen, this is nail painting as Vercruysse calls it and is much stronger than screen printing and with unlimited possibilities...

The recognition of style also gives him the freedom to have ample choices in subjects, free from bla-bla-bla trends or hypes. 

In addition, representations from his own past and surroundings are not strange or he goes in confrontation with images or icons from art history or history.. 

It is striking that his paintings, mostly portraits, are built up in a series and each painting is fascinatingly different ...